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Welcome to Babycoop

 Babycoop Offers this shipping services which each store and or seller has a choice of considering:

Fedex Shipping,  UPS Shipping, USPS Postal Delivery, and sometimes a comparison engine to compare

many freight carriers to see if there is a better quote or option but at your own choice and risk.


Headquartered in USA, in the heart of Minnesota.  

Each store and or sellers location could be anywhere is United States and possibly later Canada.   

Typical Shipping depending on your zone and distance from a delivery center and the product quantity and or type.

If it is a Small Package or less it usually would take 4 to 5 business days if the product was available and

the payment was available to be charged   


Normally are not billed till the item ships.  Any exceptions should be noted on the storefronts information.

You may see a Credit Card Hold which has not been Authorized (billed) to you which verifies the payment can work.

If paying by PayPal from your PayPal account or by credit card to a PayPal account.  PayPal does bill the amount

but does not release it till the Seller/Store confirms they have shipped the item(s).


If you have any immediate questions, contact us via or 952-474-0970.


You may also try the Chat Live button to see if someone is able to chat with you from the website homepage.

Thank you for your interest.


Sincerely Support

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